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The Day of Your Hydrotherapy Treatment:

It is best on the day of treatment to eat or drink mostly fruits and vegetables.  This helps your body enter in a deeper cleaning mode.  Don’t forget to drink water. Hydration on a regular basis is of  the utmost importance for good health, and leading up to a colon therapy treatment, it will help the process along.  After you session is completed, it is recommended that you are gentle with your system.  Stay away from fried foods, junk food and any un-healthy or hard to digest items.  You should be taking a regular probiotic to keep the balance in your system or consume probiotic rich foods that contain acidophilus or bifidus.

The Days After Your Hydrotherapy Treatment:

Remember to continue to drink lots of water.  If your system is sensitive, it might be best to stay away from raw vegetables and red meat.  It is also recommended to stay away from foods that you know to be allergic, gas producing, constipating or bloating.  Is it common to have a delay in moving your bowels for up to 2 days after treatment.

Remember to take your Probiotics: 

If you have a good quality probiotic at home, this is an excellent time to be certain to take them. You colon been cleaned of its waste and a perfect time for probiotics to absorb into the colon.  If you do not have a high quality probiotic, we can assist you with that as well. 

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