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Colon Hydrotherapy

90 minute Initial (first time) Colon Hydrotherapy session - 

This includes necessary time for consultation                                                $125.00

60 minute Follow Up Colon Hydrotherapy session -                                       $105.00

90 minute Follow Up Colon Hydrotherapy session -                                       $125.00

Series of 3 - Includes an Initial 90 minute session

followed up with two 60 minute sessions - for best

results, this package is designed to be completed in 

one week (no longer than 10 days)                                                                     $310.00

Colon Club - BEST DEAL!!  11 treatments at $105 with 

your 12th session FREE.                                                                                        $1050.00

Body Wrap

M'lis Slimming/Lymphatic Detox Body Wrap                                                   $135.00                                       

V-steam/Yoni Steaming 

Per session - length of a steam session

is determined by what is best for the client

and their individual needs and concerns.

We DO NOT just put you on the Yoni stool

without a conversation.                                                                                            $75.00

We accept cash, Venmo, Cashapp , FSA/HSA (please check you benefits for eligibility) and all major credit cards