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Here at Embrace Health, we want you to know that we have taken the necessary measures to follow and adhere to all CDC guidelines for your safety.  You can feel comfortable coming to our location for treatment, whether you are starting a journey of cleansing and healing, or have been coming to us regularly over the years. We have the following measures in place:

 - Face coverings are recommended for all individuals entering the wellness center

 - All practitioners wear face coverings 

 - All surfaces (in the treatment room and restrooms) are regularly cleaned and sanitized before and after each patient.

 - Air sanitizing machines are located in the waiting area, hallway and each treatment space in the wellness center.  These machines do not only clean dust, mold and dander, they are air sanitizers that kill 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses.

We care about your health and safety and take these measures very seriously.

Pleases feel free to call the office if you have future questions or concerns.

Be well,

                      Nancy and Gina


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