As much as we pay attention to beautifying the outside of our bodies, is as much attention as we should give to the inside of our bodies. Even if you live a fairly health lifestyle with exercise and a good diet, our bodies are constantly exposed to environmental  toxins. From  pollutants in this air and water (things you don’t even give much thought to, such as new carpet smells and cleaning products) to the chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s in our food.  It can be quite shocking to witness once you begin your treatments.  In addition to shedding toxins from our bodies, regular cleansing  helps to diminish food cravings and assist us in staying on a more healthy diet.

In main benefit of eliminating toxic waste via colon hydrotherapy, is that the number one source of disease in the body is effectively eradicated. As a result, the bowel works more efficiently in the elimination of waste and nutritional absorption is vastly improved – causing you to feel more vibrant, energetic and rejuvenated!

Cleansing the colon via colon hydrotherapy also helps to rebalance the alkaline-acid ratio in the body. By keeping the internal environment clean, the friendly bacteria thrive while the disease-causing bacteria do not.

Colon therapy is often utilized not only for detoxing and cleansing, but also to renewal and relaxation.

These are some of the changes that a healthy colon can catalyze:

Regular Elimination
Relief of Tension
Increased Energy
Release of Tension
Better Disposition
Weight Loss
Good Sleeping Habits
Sense of Well Being